Croatian Wines

Croatian Wines

Here is some information about Croatian wines with a long and rich tradition, so you can truly enjoy their taste and every sip.
Croatian wine is divided into two regions: the continental and coastal, and these two are again divided into 12 sub-regions. These divisions are purely due to the different climate zones that affect the variety, production and quality of the final product, whose wealth of Croatian wine apart from all others. It is indeed a rarity to encounter so much diversity and so many types of wine, in such a small space such as the Republic of Croatia. Croatia is also ranked the world’s standards in a particularly interesting winery and vineyard area.

In Dalmatia, the Greeks and Romans first started growing vines, and Croats continue and improve it. The entire history of Dalmatia is closely connecting with the production of wine, literary, artistic, economic and political.Winemaking represents the main branch of production in Dalmatia, half of the population engaged in agricultural breeding stock. Processing of grapes is done in modern wineries and cellars. Dalmatian wines are the best quality because of the abundance of soil crag and solar heat.

Some of the known varieties of Croatian wines are:

black – Teran, Black Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Plavac Mali, Dingač, Postup, Babic, Muškat Ruža Crni, Plavina…

white – Pošip, Pinot, Kujundžuša, Žlahtina, Muškat, Malvazija Dubrovačka, Maraština, Zlatarić, Cetinjka Bijelatrebbiano Toscano …