Come the harvest time this song reverberates through the air, precious folks costumes are taken out of old wooden chests and age-old customs brought to life – all in order to preserve the Slavonia as it used to be for the future of Slavonia. Take a walk through the Old Town of Osijek, visit the traditional villages of Baranja and the Kopački rit Nature Park, go mountaineering, enjoy the many rich thermal spring. And wherever you find yourself, you are going to be met with a warm welcome and friendship so typical of Slavonia and its people.

Shaped by the force of the mighty rivers Drava, Danube, Sava and Ilova, Slavonia is a mythical region that for centuries has guarded its treasures. It is characterised by the wide, endless expanse of the golden Pannonia plains, and by rivers that gave birth to the flood areas, which, in turn, provide an ideal habitat for the now centuries-old forestsof common oak (Quercus robur) as well as for more than 2000 biological species. The soil of Slavonia has been tilled by human hand for over 8000 years. Ever since this part of the continent rose from the Pannonian Sea some 370 million years ago – the geological history of which is best told through the eruptive rocks of the bulky Papuk mountain that sits like a crown upon this noble land – the fertile Slavonian plains have been a promised land.