Krka river

Krka river

Krka river springs in the vicinity of Knin, under a 22-meter waterfall of Topoljski or Krčić. The total length of the river is 72.5 km.

Krka flows through Kninsko and Kosovo Polje. The most famous is the Čikova tributary that flows between Miljevci and Skradinski and it creates a scenic juncture with Krka.

The Krka river has 7 waterfalls.
First among them is Bulušića Buk (22.4 meters high) located 16 km downstream from the source. It should be noted that it is the only waterfall that is not exploited for hydropower.

The second waterfall is Brljan or Coric Buk (15.5 meters) located 19 km downstream from the source.

Manojlovac (59.6 meters) is located half a mile from Brljan. It is the highest waterfall on the Krka river.

The remaining four waterfalls are Rošnjak (8.4 meters), Miljacka (23.8 meters), Roski Slap (25.5 meters) and Skradinski Buk (45.7 meters).